We help our clients providing a full array of services to better situate an
organization in the marketplace.


  • Mineral, Royalty and Leasehold Title Research
  • Leasehold Negotiation and Acquisition
  • Strategic Asset Protection
  • Easements


  • Location of Oil & Gas Traps
  • Depositional Systems
  • Partnering with Engineers to Maximize Production
  • Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Potential


  • B2B Web Design
  • Media Placement
  • Branding
  • SEO

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Why Work with Us?

Our goal is to help our clients create a valuable foundation for their Oil & Gas Assets by providing a full array of services to better situate an organization in the marketplace. From geology to land management and branding. All these solutions are focused on creating a whole personality and value for shareholders and prospect buyers.


For over 12 years we have developed systems ensuring the continuous development of skills and quality delivering results.

Proven Solutions

We ensure that we are a fit for each client’s needs and strive to develop a plan of action to reach our common goals.


For the past year we have increased the use of technology to reduce costs and increase our efficiency.

Assistance and Advice

Our team will work to ensure that you are aware of the steps taken to make the right decisions.

Asked Questions

To better serve the needs of our clients, expectations and results are key to maintain a long term relationship. Here, you will find some FAQs related to our industry.

Our Partners

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A “Petroleum Landman” is the person that helps in the negotiations between a land or mineral owner and the oil and gas companies.

A Professional Landman follows the Code of Ethics and Standards as established by the AAPL. Each State chooses to regulate Landmen or not.

A Petroleum Geologist is involved in locating oil and gas traps in the subsurface. By using public and proprietary information, such as electric logs and sample cuttings, they evaluate potential reserves and economic viability of drilling and producing hydrocarbons.

Usually, is in conjunction with petroleum engineers. An experienced geologist has knowledge in depositional systems and knows how to interact with engineers to maximize production.

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